PLASTIK UNIVERSAL - Thermoplastic Injection Moulding





Founded in 1951, Plastik Universal has been successfully conducting operations for over half a century now, providing high quality thermoplastic injection mouldings and solutions to meet the diverse demands of the industry.

Although highly specialised in the production of containers and packaging for the food service industry and suppliers of the leading food products manufacturers both on the domestic market and abroad, there are a number of other articles for various uses and implementations enhancing the product range. The various product divisions include parts and components moulded for mechanical and engineering applications as well as and for the iron and steel industry.

The simplified corporate set-up of the company combined with the advanced technical expertise and know-how enable rapid and competent development of new ideas and comprehensive designing and moulding of the best possible solutions for the satisfaction of numerous customer demands and objectives.


Plastik Universal 's moulding facilities comprise most advanced oil-hydraulic moulding presses capable of moulding articles with a maximum shot weight of 1500 grams and an additional capacity of increasing said weight up to 5 kg, based on requirements.

The plant machinery is provided with all the auxiliary in-line devices and equipment necessary for the plastic moulding industry such as volumetric metering devices, conveyor belts, labelling devices as well as on-board handling and stacking units required for efficient product packaging automation and constant monitoring for high standards and quality levels.

As early as the 1960’s, Plastik Universal first ideated and devised what today is known as “IML technology” (acronym for “in-mould labelling technology”) which is an automatic system providing direct in-mould labelling of the products, thus enabling personalisation and customisation of the packaging containers, with the application of four-colour process printed paper or plastic material labels.